Monday, September 25, 2006

Leek & Potato Pie

It's started to feel really fall-y here - today it was raining and chilly, so I made leek and potato pie for dinner. It was a recipe that I got from a Good Housekeeping Student cooking article - they were v. excited because it only costs 59p per serving. Woohoo, I say! More money for the mortgage. :)

Anyway, you basically saute 1 leek per person, boil and mash a few potatoes, (I added some lactose free milk and nutmeg at this point), then put the leeks on the bottom of an oven-proof dish, cover with the mash, and bake for about 10 mins. I also added a little cheddar cheese to the top of mine at the end. MAN, was it good!

John added extra virgin olive oil and lots of salt and pepper, which improved things as well. Yummy.

I've been tearing out recipes madly (Freda and Sandy have both given me v. tall stacks of back issues of their regular magazines), so I'll be cooking up a storm.


Emily Hannah! said...

Lover, why did you bother using lactose free milk if you just dumped cheese on at the end? Own your Lactardedness, Lactaid is your friend. Smooches.

StowmarKate said...

I'm hoarding the lactard pills, that's why...I have to make about 30 pills last through NOVEMBER when I go home and can go to Price Club again. ACK!!