Thursday, May 17, 2007


John and I are off to see the King's Singers at the Bury Festival tomorrow night. I saw them with my parents some time in the early 90s in the UK (and have the t-shirt to prove it), and I can't wait to see them again. They're going to be singing mostly madrigals and early music - it's going to be SO good!!

I bought my Mom a notebook from Taylor Made Designs - it's similar to the one that I got Andrea for her birthday and I just couldn't resist. She's been carrying around an old cast-off notebook that I had written Keep OUT (in bubble letters, natch) on - it was time for something a little nicer and they're SO cute.

One other thing - if you're a guy, stop reading. Gone? OK. If you're still reading, check out the Mooncup (UK) or the Divacup(US). I bought a Mooncup after stumbling on a recommendation on another blogger's site about 6 months ago and I haven't looked back. The mooncup is kind of an odd thing to rave about (John's getting a little sick of it), but it's truly awesome - it's cheaper, better for the planet, better for my insides, and generally fantastic. Ok, infomercial over.

Men, you can come back now.


kat said...

Thank you so much Kate!
I'm glad to hear your mum likes her book! When you want to order one for yourself, just let me know so I can give you a discount!

Dad said...

Kate, great to hear you are going to King Singer's again. I remember the concert in Peterborough Cathedral (1993?) like yesterday. Do me a favor? Check out the CD's they have on sale, especially the newest ones, and buy any I don't already have? (If in doubt, buy anyway, we can use them as presents!) Can't wait to see you on "your" turf!

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Kate - I meant to tell you about my friend from my trip's business. She makes her own handbags. I think you'd like them - very crafty. :)