Saturday, August 16, 2008

NYC Recap 1 - We Love Baseball

Our first day in New York had been long-planned as a Mets game with Liz and Dan. We booked the tickets some time in February, and James was really psyched. My mom drove us to Shea (thanks, Mom!), where we slathered on the sunscreen for our poor white English skin. Shouldn't have bothered, though, since we were so high up at Shea that we were under the awning. It was perfect - we were out of the midday sun at the start of the game when it was HOT, and then when it started to rain we stayed dry. And we had a bird's eye view of the field.

As you can see from the scoreboard, the Mets CREAMED the Cardinals.

And we got to see this catch (photo from the NY Times):

Here I am with Liz, in our Mets hats. Mine is old-school - I think I got it when we moved home from England the first time (around 1994). My parents have pictures of me at camp (as a camper) wearing the hat.

Here we are in Grand Central after the game, in our matching shirts (awww). We all have different players, though.

The next morning, as we were still jet-lagged and WIDE awake at 6am, we went to the Mirage Diner in New Ro for pancakes. James had a huge stack of chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon, John had a v. tasty omelet, and I had the most glorious bacon, egg and cheese on an english muffin. Mine really isn't something we can replicate in the UK. The english muffins aren't the same, the 'streaky' bacon isn't the same, and the american 'cheez' definitely isn't the same. So I enjoyed it while I could. YUM.

Here are the boys, before:

And after:

I had a monster cold that attacked me on Monday and Tuesday, so instead of going to the city we noodled around in Westchester, with trips to Old Navy (yay for the weak dollar) and the mall, and some kyaking and swimming in the Sound.

Then on Wednesday morning, we drove up to Rhode Island (pronounced Roe Dylin, in case you were thinking of actually saying it right). My parents' house there is glorious - it's right next to the East Bay Bike Path and the community has a pool (that I don't have to clean!).

We got started right away on the biking (and the Del's):

And then on Friday night went to a PawSox game. I love minor league - the mistakes they make are hilariously funny. It was a total 'movie' game - the PawSox were down, 8-1, in the 8th inning, and came back to tie the game. Then a hitter with a .143 average hit a walk-off homer in the ninth to win. We went completely nuts.

More to come soon!

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Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

My husband wants to go and see the pawsoxs. Glad to hear that someone else has enjoyed watching them. Sounds like it's worth the trip down :)

your trip sounds like such fun.