Friday, November 7, 2008

Three Cups Of Tea

I finished reading Three Cups of Tea on Thursday night, and really enjoyed it. Written by David Oliver Relin (a journalist), it tells the story of Greg Mortenson, an American climber from Montana who gets lost after failing to summit K2. He wanders into a village high in the Pakistan mountains, and ends up promising to build them a school.

 The beginning of the book read very much like Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air, but once the mountaineering drama was over, Relin's journalistic style and the compelling story made it impossible to put down.

I hadn't heard all that much about the book before reading it, other than the fact that it was 'brilliant', and I have to admit I was fairly worried that it was going to be another angst-ridden, torture-filled woe-is-us extravaganza. But it wasn't at all.

Yes, Mortenson is the driving force behind the schools, but it's extremely clear that none of what he's done would have happened without the dedication of many incredible locals.

Definitely recommend it!

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kattmd said...

I read this book last spring and really enjoyed it too. {I did not finish Reading Lolita in Iran or a few of those other books that everyone raved about, but turned out to be, well, not so good} So I was happy to read this book and enjoy it.

My new guilty read?
Don't laugh, because I am way past my teens, but I am totally into Twilight and the whole series. Seriously, what does this say about me :)