Monday, April 26, 2010

John & Kate Plus Houseguests, Episode 1

My mom came to visit us for a week. Somehow, she managed to land the day before they closed Europe, and then she left on her scheduled flight the day they reopened everything. We'd had a small amount of excitement when they cancelled her flight the day before, but they reinstated it a few hours later and off she went. 

True to form, we did some Ninja Gardening, had lots of yummy pub lunches, hung out with the inlaws and the sm. boy, rang bells (well, I rang, Mom read and "Flip"-ped, went on walks and ate curry. We had one dining fail - we tried a new restaurant in Stowmarket that produced what is definitely in the top 5 worst meals I've ever eaten. Maybe they'll get better, so I'm not going to leave a trail of hate on the interwebs. If you're testing out a new restaurant in Stow, though, email me. And WATCH OUT.

Much better were these flowers (thank you SLR).

 And this hodgepodge street in Norwich:

 And standing outside Orford church:

And the extremely yummy Butley Orford Oysterage. Eat there. Even though it's in the boonies.

While it's tough to live 3,500 miles away from my parents, we Skype all the time and it's really fun to have a week of concentrated MomAndKate time, which I imagine we wouldn't have if we lived around the corner from each other.

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