Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: The Adjustment Bureau

We had to drop The Stepson in Colchester yesterday for a birthday party. 11am to 4pm. That would be a day-shredder, then. Lovely.

Since our one experience of Colchester was 5 years ago (and was overwhelmingly negative), I suggested we spend the day there and see the sights. Um, yeah. We saw the sights in about 10 minutes. And then we were done. And hungry. So we arbitrarily picked a cafe that looked good, and were treated to a lunch straight out of 1994. BEFORE England's foodie revolution. Bleurgh. No, 3 pieces of limp iceberg and a cold, sad, tasteless tomato do not a salad make. C'mon, guys! We should have gone to McD's.

Anyway, we bought tickets (most expensive movie tickets EVER at £9.50 each - for a matinee!) to see The Adjustment Bureau. After 30 minutes of previews and ads (again, WTF, Colchester), the movie started. It was really enjoyable (especially since I'm a sucker for a good New York City movie...cue the whispered "I've BEEN there!" every 4 minutes...sorry, husband). Lots of running around, intermittent kissing, and some good old fashioned omniscient beings. Not sure it was worth £19 for the two of us, but then again, I cant think of many movies that would have been.

Anyone with contrary opinions of Colchester, please feel free to weigh in.

To make up for the Epic Lunchtime Fail yesterday, I had this for lunch today. Stepson had a variation with pepperoni and cheese, but mine had cheddar (should've been mozzarella but it had gone rather gloopy and fermented), homemade pesto from the freezer, and sundried tomatoes. Melty, cheesy, garlicky goodness.

See? Yummy! And cheap! And not hard to make. Hear that, Evil Cafe in Colchester? (I did take pictures in hope that it would be tasty and I would be able to blog about it, but I'm not going to spread a web of hate on my blog. Nameless they shall remain.) But beware, visitors to Colchester! Stay home and have toasted cheese sandwiches instead. It'll be better.

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