Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New York Vol. 1

Sorry for the blogging break - I went to New York! For Two Whole Weeks. It was really great - now that I have an amazing team working for me at the office, it meant that I could really relax while on vacation and not completely dread coming back to a mountain of unanswered emails. Hooray!

My brother's birthday was 3 days before I arrived. So, I brought him this London Underground cycling jersey. He LOVED it. It'll be handy, you know, for him to be able to find the nearest Tube station while he's riding his bike in New York. Oh, wait, never mind. Anyway, it's still cool.

My parents gave me an early birthday present. SO shiny. And immediately appropriated by the assembled Toys as their iPad. Hmm.

The morning after we arrived, I had arranged a trip down to Trinity Wall Street to ring the bells with them. We had an obligatory photo-op in Grand Central.

And then on to the ringing. The upshot: I need to work harder at my striking! I rang plain hunt on 9 with their band and their striking was flawless. Mine? Lumpy bumpy oops crash. Hmmm. Must try harder. A great tip from one of the band was to stand behind someone and pretend to strike their bell, listen to where they pull it, and compare that sound to where I would have pulled it. Definitely going to work on that.

After the epic bell-ringing session, we went to Chinatown. The place we'd aimed for was closed, so we went around the corner to my brother's favorite place, Nice Green Bo Restaurant. Instead of ordering main courses, since we were planning for dim sum, we ordered a selection of noodles and dumplings from their appetisers. The soup dumplings were amazing (as usual), and the rest of the dumplings were all super-delish, too. My great-aunt Ruthie (below) was slightly mystified by the whole thing, but we all chalked it up to an Excellent New York Experience.

Here we are, after lunch. Yes, that bag is full of leftover dumplings. And yes, they were just as good the following day.

And then, because my mom is now an Angry Birds uber-fan, we had to take this picture. Teehee!

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