Saturday, March 10, 2012

Your eyeballs are your own again.

Some of you may have noticed - your eyeballs are no longer being sold. Apologies for the ads over the last few months. It just seemed like kind of a waste of time to sell your eyeballs for what amounted to about $10 over a year. All gone!


I've been knitting, on commission from friends at work who admired my fingerless mittens. One pair, in  burgundy (or as close as I could get)...the real colour is slightly less pink thank in the picture below.

And t'other pair. My instructions were: "Purple. And longer than yours." Indeed.

For both, I knitted some love into them. And I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to Buy More Yarn and Knit More Things For My Peeps (That They ACTUALLY Wanted).

In terms of economic viability, well, not so much. But I do have a barter commission for a cowl like mine for my Alexander Technique teacher. HOORAY! For anyone else, I'm open to commissions (you buy the wool and a contribution towards my time, I make the doohickey). No jumpers, please - they take forever!

And while this is most definitely not your last chance, this picture was too good to pass up.

Taken en route to a very excellent Ladies Guild Of Change Ringers (Eastern District) day out today.

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