Thursday, May 17, 2012

Foodie Fursday

I spotted these long-life lactofree milk single-serving pods in our local Tesco a few weeks ago (I've been on the lookout for them in other stores but haven't seen them yet). It's not the cheapest way to get milk, but it means that if I want a break from black coffee at work, I can have it. Score one for the Dairy Fairy!

Our new favorite meal is from the June BBC Good Food (not posted on their website yet, unfortunately). Harissa roasted vegetables with couscous.

2 tsp harissa
2 tsp olive oil
a tray-full of veggies: we used an aubergine and 2 courgettes (in chunks), about 8 mushrooms (quartered) and a handful of cherry tomatoes (halved), and some spring onions.

Dressing (just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl):
2 tbs greek yogurt
1 tbs tahini
juice of 1 lemon
large pinch of coriander or mint (fresh/dried are both fine)

Mix the veggies with the harissa and olive oil until they're all coated, then roast at 180C until the veggies are cooked.

Serve with couscous with the dressing on the side. I add the tomatoes about halfway through the 20-or-so minute cooking time, so they don't completely disintegrate. I start the couscous once I've put the tomatoes in and it all arrives together. Ta-da!

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