Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I was actually there

I thoroughly enjoyed watching hours and hours (and HOURS) of Olympic events on the BBC and their website, and on the "red button." I was a little bit sad not to be at the diving, but it was definitely excellent on TV.

I was invited to the Rhythmic Gymnastics individual final (whaaaaat?), and so of course I said yes! Shiny ticket (and included day travelcard):

I even bought a special train ticket:

Hello, Wembley.

It was held in Wembley Arena (next to Wembley Stadium, where Brazil and Mexico were battling for Olympic gold). It had been reconfigured after the badminton from last week.

The volunteers were super-helpful and nice, everyone in London seemed genuinely happy to be there, and even the weather cooperated. Seriously.

Here we are, in just before going in:

We had excellent seats:

And watched the medal ceremony:

Russia won gold and silver, Belarus the bronze.

P.S. As entertaining as it was, I'm still not sure Rhythmic Gymnastics actually counts as a sport.

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THAT Girl said...

I really like your blog and you are very lucky!! Wish I had been there!