Thursday, November 1, 2012

New York, before

New York is in the midst of a tremendous cleanup and rebuilding operation in the wake of Tropical Storm Sandy. It has been bizarre to see pictures on the news of places we were 2 weeks ago, covered in water, or destroyed.

If you want to donate to the Red Cross, you can do it here.


We were in Central Park two weeks ago, where we ended up at the boating pond. John said, "Ooh, that looks like fun!"

I, as the jaded New Yorker, said "It's too expensive. I think it's a club racing."

Apparently not. We went over to see, and it's $11 for half an hour.

We were given boat 29. She had serious weather helm and didn't do all that well when on the other side of the lake from the controller, but was otherwise very entertaining.

Then on the way back through Grand Central, we stopped to check on a Martha Stewart event that I'd read about. No Martha-sightings, but we did see Emeril! One of his minders spotted me taking the picture and asked if I wanted to go on the radio and ask Emeril a question. Honestly, I've attempted to watch his show a few times and find him rather irritating. I could think of absolutely NOTHING to ask him, so I just took the picture and wandered off. I'm sure there were other Emeril fans along shortly.

Because we were on vacation, we stopped at the Michael Jordan Steakhouse bar (mostly, for the view) and had drinks before hopping on our train back to the 'burbs.

See? Isn't that a great view? I love Grand Central. (The drinks were good, too!)

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