Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crafty houses

Postings have been thin on the ground lately...the LAST thing I want to do when I get home from work after Musicrooming all day is go anywhere near my computer.

I've become completely addicted to craft blogs: Twelve22, Wardrobe Refashion and Craftzine are my current favorites. I've made a few skirts using the sewing machine that Freda gave me, and I'm planning on making a quilt next. I have to go in to Bury soon and get some quilt squares. Emily has a quilt that's UBER soft with corduroy on the back...that's what I'm aiming for. I think she got it at Anthropologie yonks ago. Either way, I can't wait to make one. One of my favorite button-down shirts has gotten a huge hole in the arm (no clue where it came from), so I'm going to cut it down for quilting. The other option would be to take it to a tailor and have them make it 3/4 sleeve...I should check with Freda.

We've been househunting madly...I took John & co back to the house that I loved this weekend and we ended up putting in a bid, but someone else got it. Sad times. We've seen a few others that haven't even come close, but we're still in the early stages and I'm sure something will come along. The property market in Stowmarket has suddenly gone mad...houses are going in a matter of days. Everyone says it'll calm down once kids go back to school. Here's hoping. At least now we know that we're definitely in the right price range for a 3 bed/bathroom/cloakroom/reasonable kitchen/smallish back yard. When we get a house, y'all can come visit. Not all at once, though. And once I've made the curtains. :)


KB said...

Why hello there...fancy meeting you here! Just wanted to take a quick peek at your blog! I, myself, just discovered Wardrobe Refashion, and I absolutely love it! Good luck on house-hunting, and curtain making.

Emily Hannah! said...

I can't believe you shouted out my blanket!!! I actually have a friend who recreated it, she knitted all of the squares and backed it in cordoroy. And you're right, it is from Anthropologie, it was a birthday present, although I could never find it in a store or online, it's always been a mystery how my aunt managed to buy the only one they ever made. If you need help in the recreation, let me know, I obvioulsy love that blanket to death and would help you recreate it with much joy. This is the longest comment I've ever written ever. It's longer than some things I've written on my own blog. I can't stop! AAA! hehehhe MWAH!

Lizzie said...

You're going to have a CLOAKROOM?!?!?