Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I missed having a MusicSales email address

So, starting this Monday, I'll have one again. :) I've been in the closet about it (for obvious reasons), but I'm definitely out now. I'll be working the Product Information department, dealing mostly with the text and stuff that goes on MusicRoom. It's the job that I was originally hired for last September, which fell through because of work permit/visa issues.


This means 3 things:

1. My full-time Ickworth tenure is rapidly approaching
2. I'm going to have to actually WORK, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. No more tea brakes from tea brakes.
3. Our house-buying is kicking into gear.

Regarding 1., it's meant that I've finished up a couple of long-term projects, as well as written all the press releases through the end of the year. They're pretty rockin', so make your Pudding Lunch reservations now, people!

About 2., I think I'll manage. I do have to remember to bring my "New York City" mug, purchased at the QD (think dollar store) in Stowmarket for 90p, home with me. And then to Music Sales.

As for 3., I think John is feeling a little panicky about the whole buying-a-house thing. So I'm going to be my usual take-charge self and get on with it. I'll try not to steamroll him. I'm hoping that he'll adopt the "if you can't beat em, join em" strategy. I'm going to look at a few places on Saturday morning...I've been watching for weeks, so I have a fairly good idea of what's out there.

Our dream place: 3 bed, 1 bath/1 cloakroom, reasonable sized kitchen, medium backyard, a sm. driveway, and not too far from the station. In our price range, it'll be tricky, but it's do-able.

When I was talking to the estate agents this afternoon, lining up the appointments, the agent told me that the place that I'd emotionally bought and moved into went off the market because the woman's not sure she wants to sell it, not because it was sold. So there's still hope...yay!!

One more thing...Lizzie's started a blog...the link is over with the other ones. Also, Emily's letter to the Transvestite on Her Stoop got on the Best of Craigslist. I can only aspire to be so famous. :)

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Emily Hannah! said...

Yaaaaay! Congrats! (And thanks for the shoutout, I know everyone loved my story of transsexual confrontation on the stoop. A modern classic, I'm sure.)