Sunday, November 12, 2006

Big Comfy Couches

We picked up a whole bunch of furniture from Martin & Gillian's today - they're moving into the new house on Tuesday. We have two deceptively large and very squashy green couches, a matching ottoman (which I'm gasping to put a plastic bag on top of - thanks Grandma!), two bedside tables with a little cupboard and a drawer each, and a tall bureau and a shorter, wider one with a mirror. Phew.

Our flat is v. full, since we didn't have a chance to call the landlords to come get their furniture at the end of last week - it was a little hectic. Hopefully they'll be able to come pick it up before we go back to NY- but they have a key so it's not the end of the world if they come in while we're gone.

James' food preferences have been slowly evolving over the last year - he started out only wanting pasta and teacakes and complaining wildly if anything had too many veggies in it. Today, he had vegetable minestrone at Freda's for lunch and then baked potatoes with v. spicy leftover veggie chili for dinner. He LOVES spicy food, all of a sudden...if it doesn't make him ask for a second glass of water, it's not hot enough. His favorite is Indian food but he's quite happy with fajitas and HOT salsa. Ok, it's El Paso Hot Salsa from Waitrose, but it's not anything my dad would be able to eat. I love the fact that he's suddenly excited about spicy food and makes planning dinner much easier!

We also had another first - he pulled off sarcasm for the first time tonight. He'd tried before, without really having a handle on when to use it, and then tonight, wham. John reminded James for the two-hundred and eleventy-twelfth time not to leave ALL the lights blazing in the apartment and James just looked right at him and said, "Wait, you don't want me to leave all the lights on? Really?? Naw!"

John and I were floored. It's all downhill from here... :)

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