Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is That Yours?

We went to the petrol station on the way home, and I went in to pay for the gas with my debit card. The name on the card- Mrs. StowmarKate.

I handed it to the cashier, and said, 'Pump 9, please.' The cashier looked me up and down, and then asked, 'Is this your card?'

'Um, yeah...why?'
'Oh no, nothing...it's just that you seem...'
'Too young to be Mrs. StowmarKate?'

I reassured her that I was married (and old enough to be), and that it was my card.


1 comment:

Lizzie said...

You ARE too young to be married, Kate. But then we all are.

It scares me that you just made a knitting needle case. Not because of the level of domesticity it signifies, but because I'm totally jealous! I have my great-great-aunt's case, which is beautiful and still has her needles, but for the past week I've been lamenting the fact that it doesn't accomodate my more modern size 13s and 15s!! (Um... when did we both take up knitting?!) I'll try to post a pic of my case soon for you to see. Hugs!