Sunday, August 5, 2007

BBQ fiend

I'm a bbq fiend - I attended not 1 but 2 yesterday. The first one was for the boys, at our house - John's buddies came round for the day and I made them lunch. We fired up the grill with some organic charcoal from the farm shop (it burns really well and has an awesome flavor) and made red curry chicken kebabs. I had some Thai Chili sauce as well - it really improved it. Oh, and I used low-fat coconut milk instead because I can't stand the regular stuff - it's always so gloopy.

Here's the BBC Good Food's pic - ours didn't have the individual grill marks on the piece of chicken - my personal food stylist is on vacation. Otherwise, that was pretty much it.

On to the second bbq, at a friend's house - there were some work-y people and lots (more) fab food. We all sat outside the whole time - it's finally starting to feel like summer.

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C said...

There's "organic charcoal"? It's almost PURE CARBON for heaven's sake. Are there burnt chunks of GM wood I should be watching out for?