Wednesday, August 1, 2007


The honeysuckle in the backyard (thanks, Mom & Dad!) has been threatening to flower since the weekend, and went I went out after dinner to water the tomatoes (green but getting bigger), I noticed that there were some open flowers. They smell SO good. And there are about 50 more buds on the plant - it's going to smell great this weekend.

Our border plants are also really psyched about life. Here they are the day they were planted:

And here they are now:

Oh, and Freda brought us some lavender from her garden - it's not the best picture but you should be able to imagine how fantastic it smells...

I've been going flat-out at work - one of the women I work with is on vacation and the other has switched departments. My boss is being really supportive, though, and I LOVE having the office to myself. Someone came in yesterday and said I looked lonely, and then said, "But who do you talk to?" Umm...I'm working? And if I really need to talk to someone, I can talk to myself. Besides, there's an office full of people across the hall and my boss is 2 offices down. The days have flown by - I've been super busy and I feel like I'm cramming my brain full of all the new info.


Dad said...

Kate, the flowers look great, they are obviously loved greatly with plenty of water (it is England, after all) south facing sun, and love and attention from the dutiful gardener. I'm glad to see I finally made it into your blog, although hard to find where I am, sort of visible behind the digging Mom and James.

The honeysuckle is great...I can smell it even in New Rochelle!



Jamie said...

I'll have to take an e-whiff of your lavender since mine died! (This was months ago, I'm still not over it.)

The plantings look great!

kat said...

Oh I can imagine how sweet the honeysuckle smells.

Isn't gardening so rewarding?