Sunday, March 9, 2008


John has been a baking fiend this weekend - he made wholemeal bread, two baguettes, and pizza today. All of my meals today (including a snack) have revolved around bread, and while it was all glorious, I'm feeling a little...doughy.

The baguettes were perfectly crusty on the outside and really savoury - we had them with some ham and brie and felt very civilized.

I've also started some seeds in pots on the window ledge in the kitchen - it's east facing and gets lots of sun so they should grow reasonably well. Cherry tomatoes, courgettes, chili pepper, and some herbs. The first three will move outside for the summer once the frosts stop.

The sweater is coming along; I realized that there WAS a method to the pattern's madness and figured it out.

I also finished Penelope Lively's "Consequences". Fair warning, the Amazon site is FULL of spoilers - don't read the reviews! I loved it from the beginning but for some reason put it down for a week and a bit. I'll blame Lost. The book was what I had hoped "History of Love" would be. My favorite part was something I hadn't noticed in any book before - the narration morphed from character to character over the course of the book, but not in a chapter-by-chapter way - it was much more subtle. Definitely recommend it.

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Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

I love homemade bread! Lucky you. He is totally a keeper with his skills in the kitchen huh?

If you really recommend that book, I'll get it. I need a new book to read :) (a good one, I just struggled with one book and just gave up!)

Have a good week!