Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mum's Day

Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK - it's a different day than the American one but the same idea. We cooked lunch for Freda & Travis (veggie shepherd's pie) and heated it up in their oven - it was really tasty and Freda was psyched not to have to cook. We even banished her from the kitchen while we did the dishes.

This morning at 10 I went to the church (between the early and late services) to watch the Stowmarket 'band' ring the bells. I hadn't seen all eight rung before - it was quite spectacular. I even got to ring in rounds (with someone else standing by on my bell) - it was SO much fun! I took a video of them all ringing. I love it!

I was in Bury yesterday, picking up some supplies for my new knitting project (a sweater) and stuff for a care package. I have a friend in the US who's going through a bit of a rough patch, and as the recipient of some awesome care packages, I thought it was time to share the love. I'll post pictures of what I sent AFTER the package arrives (in case she decides to read the blog...)

The sweater is foxing me at the moment - I knitted the bottom rib for the back panel, and then the pattern said this:
Next Row. Patt 6, (patt2tog, patt 6) 5 times, patt2tog, patt 5, pick up loop between last and next st and work into the back of this loop (now referred to as m1), (patt1, m1) 5 times, patt2, (m1, patt 1) 6 times, patt 4, patt2tog, (patt6, patt2tog) 5 times, patt 6.
I thought I knew what they were talking about, but then I lost track of where I was and have pulled it all out to start again. Knitters, what 'patt' are they talking about? The ribbing that I have been knitting for the past 8 rows? The next pattern that appears in the next section? From what I can tell, I start this 'Next row' with 118 stitches and end with 118 stitches and then move on to the cabling and main body of the sweater - can I just do one more normal ribbing row and carry on? Will it kill the sweater?


Anonymous said...

You ring my bell dear...

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

sounds like you had a lovely day!
I'm with you... so happy to see Spring is emerging. I am so done with Winter!