Sunday, April 6, 2008


Two exciting things yesterday. First, I finished washing all of our windows with the new and fabulous E-cloth. My mom has always washed windows with an ammonia-water solution, a squeegee and old (clean) cloth diapers. I can't stand the smell of ammonia, so I've been trying out other methods. We went with the windex and water route last fall, which basically made the windows smeary and still pretty dirty. It took forever and there were lots of drips of dirty water on the windowsills when I was done.

The M-i-L gave me one of her back-issues of Good Housekeeping, and in it, they reviewed the E-cloth. The reviewer couldn't find enough superlatives for it, and they recommended it as the invention of the year. Good enough for me, then! The windows are SO clean now, and not streaky or yucky at all. Granted, the (washable) white dirt-grabbing towel is filthy, but I think that's the idea. We bought the 'window cleaning kit' from Lakeland, which includes a spray bottle, the 'cleaning' cloth, and the 'polishing' one. They're kind of expensive, but for the fact that I will always have clean windows (and mirrors) and will never have to buy Windex again, it's worth it.

The second exciting thing yesterday was that John and I went to the Baylham House Farm for a walk. The lambs have been appearing in the fields on the way to work, and I checked their website and found out that yesterday was a 'lambing day.'

I LOVE lambs. As in, I can spend 45 minutes in the lambing pen watching them. And then I'm mystified when John says, "Can we look at something else, please?" They were so funny yesterday - there were some that were only a few days old and were v. bouncy and unsteady on their feet.

We saw the llamas when we walked around the rest of the farm - it was pretty late in the day so most of the screaming children had left.

John loved these double-decker goats:

Here I am, with my very own lamb. So warm and soft. I could have sat there for hours.

And Kristen is having a macro-photo month - this one is for her! A glorious daffodil, with raindrops from a few minutes before still on the flower.


Anonymous said...

Awh lambs are lovely, i agree!
I understand what you mean as i can watch certain animals for hours - like cats for instance
lovely photo with you cradling lamb

haha not surprised John liked the double layered goats - parfait for a double capricorn :-)

it is fab spring is here! M xx

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

oh thanks Kate~
That is a beautiful photo :)

Sounds like spring has arrived for you. It's still cold and raw here, but hoping for a warmup by midweek.

Enjoy. Sweet photo of you and the lamb.