Sunday, April 27, 2008


Got in a little over my head on Friday night at bells. After my success at ringing Plain Hunt on 5, I thought I could manage an inside bell for Plain Bob Minimus. I managed it in that I didn't let go of my rope or get TOO tangled up, but I managed to finish each course with my bell upside down. Everyone else was on handstroke as I was merrily tolling away on backstroke. Hmm. I've spent some time with the diagrams from Winston and my Rope Sight Tutor, and we'll try again next week.

We were at F & T's yesterday - we helped Travis prune some trees in the back yard and generally frolicked in the glorious spring weather. We all smelled v. smoky after the bonfire of tree parts but we were happy and tired. We'd brought all the lenses along - here's someone noshing on the fat-ball (with the telephoto lens):

And here are some of Freda's glorious tulips:

James lost another tooth on Friday at school - he brought it home with him and wanted to leave it out for the tooth fairy. Mummy also keeps his teeth (eew) in a little tooth-shaped wooden box, so there was a special request for it to go back to their house. There were some logistical issues with the Stowmarket Tooth Fairy on Friday night, but this morning James found this by his bed:

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