Friday, January 16, 2009

Roasted Broccoli & Shrimp

The New York Times recipe for roasted broccoli with shrimp has been marinating in my brain since I read the article on Wednesday. I tackled it tonight - it was super easy and came out looking exactly like the picture. We didn't have coriander seeds so I used ground coriander, and I used more mild chili powder rather than a little bit of hot. I also made rice to go with it, rather than crusty bread.

And yes, I've stolen their picture. But mine looked almost exactly like that. And I've linked to the article. Except that I forgot to put lemon on it (we didn't have any). We didn't really miss the lemon, though.

It was really tasty - there were spicy bites and not so spicy bites, and while I normally leave salt & pepper out when I'm cooking, I think I'll put them in when I make this next time. And up the cumin seeds a tiny bit.


I've finished The Middle Window - it was fine but not particularly memorable. Some time-slipping, Scotland in the 19th and 17th centuries, and a 'you know what's going to happen because of flashbacks' kind of plot. Not my fave Elizabeth Goudge, but the first of hers that I haven't LOVED. Not a bad track record, really.

I had an email from the library today - my long awaited copy of Twilight is in. I can now join the legions of teenyboppers swooning over a vampire. Hot.

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