Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three things I love

In ascending order.

1. Lingham's chili sauce. Discovered on our south-east asian cooking class (our Christmas present from my parents) at the Mistley Kitchen. It was a great workshop - we had a blast. We bought the sauce as it's featured in a number of the recipes and it now goes on everything. Yum.

2. Our Williams-Sonoma mesh grill pan. BEST. INVENTION. EVER. No more mucking about with skewers or things falling through the grill. Tonight's dinner was steak (in the grill pan) and grilled veggies (again, the grill pan). Mmmmm.

3. My awesome husband. We've been married for 4 years (um, what?) today. Yay us! (Picture stolen from my brother's girlfriend - thanks Jen!)


Lauren said...


Lauren said...

I came over to your blog tonight with a specific intention, and that intention was dramatically reinforced when I saw the comments on your previous post (!). I was coming over here to say that I think you should start a review blog. I really enjoy reading your reviews of things. Books, recipes, yarns... But especially books. I don't even like some of the books you reccommend, but it doesn't matter because I still like to read your reviews of them. Wait, that sounded negative. I DO like a lot of the books you reccommend (reading "Potato Peel Pie" right now and enjoying it!), but mostly I just like reading what you have to say about them. You've always got a lot of interesting titles on your read-list, and something insightful to say about them. So, start an awesome review blog already, and send me the link!