Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too cold for anything but quilting

I'd noticed on my Friend Connect widget  (somewhere over thataway ---->) that I was being followed by Halfpenny Home.

"Oooh...someone I don't know!", I thought.

Upon further investigation, they are a crafting/fabric/yarn/notions emporium and craft school tucked away near the station in Needham Market.

The weather on Saturday was horrible - blustery and cold with heavy rain showers. Between the showers (and wearing a fleece - in JUNE!) I headed over to check out the craft & vintage festival that they were running.

I had a funny moment when the owner looked at me and said, "Hey, you're Kate from Stowmarkate!" Um, yes, I am. Not as famous as Delia Smith, but I'll take what I can get.

There were about a zillion things that wanted to come home with me, but I managed to restrain myself to some ribbon, a spool of thread, a really glorious natural cotton, some nice pins, and an embroidery hoop. Oh boy, oh boy! The cotton has already been cut and is playing a supporting (but crucial) role in Baby Quilt No. 2.

Look at that ribbon. Would you have resisted? Thought not.

I dashed out to the back yard between showers yesterday afternoon to nab these pictures of the finished Baby Quilt No. 1. It's my favorite so far. As soon as the baby arrives, it'll be in the mail!


Gnomemade said...

Kate - Love the quilt - it's great. Good to see someone else I know has caught the quilting bug as well! I love it! Had a great visit with your Mom and Dad at our wedding on the 5th. Hope you're doing well! - Katie

Halfpenny Home said...

Thanks for braving the weather, it was great to meet you and I'm really glad you liked the shop. Much more exciting than Delia coming over to visit! I love that ribbon too..Nic x