Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blue & green baby quilt

I read Roger Deakin's Waterlog last week - it finally came in at the library. I thought it was a little slow getting started, but I really loved it. I really miss swimming outside (Lake Fairlee, do you hear me?), especially in non-chlorinated places. And cold ones, like the Messalonskee Lake in June - brrrr! We managed to catch the Alice Roberts BBC4 programme on Wild Swimming, which was inspired by Deakin's book. Where's my BBC film crew to follow me around, huh? StowmarKate, the TV series. Anyone? Harumph.

I've finally had a chance to take a picture of the finished baby quilt that's about to wing its way to New York. It's Halfpenny Home natural cotton with stacked charms from my Moda Verna jelly roll. I used up most of the greens and blues (and all of the browns for the binding). I love it - I hope it likes its new home!

I joined the zillions of people reading The Help, and loved it. I've even reserved Gone With the Wind (which, somehow, I've never read) from the library. It had the potential to veer into melodrama at a few points, but managed to stay on the right side of the line as far as I was concerned.

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