Monday, August 30, 2010

Late August Bank Holiday Weekend

Funny English people. Americans have Memorial Day and Labor Day. The English: June Bank Holiday and Late August Bank Holiday. Descriptive, I guess.

In the true tradition of the August Bank Holiday, it was chilly and breezy, with intermittent showers. John caught me splashing in a puddle. Some things never change!

He also caught some rather intrepid sailors, outside of Levington. Brrr.

 I caught a few silhouetted masts.

And a big, blowsy dahlia. I love the colours. Pink and yellow? Why, yes, I think I will!

I really like this one, too. Especially the little purple & yellow flower photobombing at the bottom left.

I think I'm on a Big Book kick - I went from The Magician's Apprentice (700+pp) to Gone With The Wind (clocks in at 1000-ish). Zoinks. So far, I like GWTW. Scarlett has just met Rhett for the first time (I don't think that's a spoiler, do you?) and I'm interested to see where the next 850 pages go.

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