Monday, February 7, 2011

Is it me, myself?

How do you guys feel about this darning, from last month's Martha Stewart Living? I think it looks really cool...John thinks it looks a little too rustic.

I had a slightly inappropriate grammar-rant at the office recently. I don't claim to be perfect, by any means, but I'd received an email, hot on the heels of an apostrophe-quibble with someone else (yes, you do need an apostrophe to mark a possessive; no, I'm not going to look it up online to prove it to you), where someone who really Should Know Better asked for queries to be "directed to xx and myself."

NOOOO! My eyes!

So I (nicely) called him on it. And he looked wounded and said he thought it sounded better and "gentler" and generally nicer.

I reminded him that if he took the other person's name out of it, "myself" would sound kind of strange.

Public Service Announcement: I am the only person who can send things to Myself. You can send things to Yourself, I will send things to Myself. You shall send Your things to Me. Can you and I (not me, not myself) agree on this?

One person at a time. (I shall not get started on commas, quotes, misplaced modifiers, or subject-verb disagreements.)

Apologies for the rant.

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Anonymous said...

I, speaking for myself, do not agree with yourself at all oh no that would just be wrong to agree and thats myself speaking there not yourself.