Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things I like

Amy Karol added a link to matchbook magazine over on her blog - I love it. I'm also quite a Lonny mag fan - I love that the design mags are international and web-based so I don't have to spend lots of time (and money) hunting for them in the wilds of Suffolk.

For some reason, Neutrogena seem to have discontinued the regular face wash that I've been using since high school, and replaced it with a grapefruit-scented version. Now, grapefruit is one of my favorite things, but the smell is a little sweet and cloying and it seems to be making me break out. BAH. Neutrogena, please bring the regular Visibly Clear back. Thanks.

To make up for Neutrogena's failings, though, I found this in the most recent Waitrose magazine. It's the comically named Baby Bottom Butter, and it is the Best Moisturiser Ever. Mostly olive oil and other yummy stuff (and no evil chemicals). I smell a little bit like a bakery, though, between the vanilla scent from the BBB and the grapefruit Neutrogena! It feels fairly greasy when you first put it on, but it sinks in within about 5 minutes.

These aforementioned dishcloths are as awesome as they are adorable - they go in the washing machine, can be composted when they're dead (several years hence, according to the interwebs), and scrub all kinds of yuckies. The scourer has gone back under the shelf below the sink - it's not pretty enough! Apparently these are used universally in Scandinavia (and my mother-in-law always used them when she was first married).

Last random thing: I finished reading Wilkie Collins' No Name, after a recommendation from C because "the characters go to Aldeburgh and we've BEEN there!" They do, indeed, go to Aldeburgh (and Dunwich, and London, and a "backwater" in Essex). I enjoyed the book, although it is filled with rather a lot of unsavoury characters who aren't very nice to each other. Makes for entertaining reading, though!

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Sandra in Sweden said...

I found your blog after someone commented on my blog and suggested your blog!
Now that that convoluted tale is over, I am also an American, but I live in Sweden.
And the dish towels you bought are so ver Swedish--glad you like them too!
Anyway, thanks for the good read!