Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mini-Manu, started

I've started in on Gabi's Mini Manu (design by Kate Davies) a few weeks ago. I LOVE the color of the yarn (the blue is a provisional cast-on but I thought it looked really cute with the green. More updates soon. The general goal is to finish it in time to take it with me to NY next month. Hmm. More knitting, less blogging? Or maybe work will hire me a minion to do my work for me while I knit all day?

Ravelled, here.

Oh, and have you guys heard about Lotta Jansdotter's new fabric line? SO excellent. Must de-stash and make some quilts so that there's plenty of room for this when it comes out!

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Vivren said...

OMG, I love that new Lotta Jansdotter!! I need it.

Commence stalking her