Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Tangled (and a new camera bag)

Now that James is older, he no longer demands to see The Latest Disney Movie as soon as it comes out. Especially if it centers on a princess. So it's not terribly surprising that we missed Tangled in the theatres.

I rented it last night, on Sam's recommendation (I had been going for a silly romantic comedy or something), and we both loved it. Good two-level comedy, great Disney songs (with melodies that reminded me a little bit of Les Mis, for some reason), fab animal sidekicks, properly bad baddies, and a very useful frying pan.

If, like me, you live under a rock and haven't seen it yet, go for it!

I'm going to be in NY next month, and want to bring the SLR with me. I've been looking for a camera bag for a while, with several criteria: 

2. Is not fugly.
3. Does not cost $300. (I've seen some excellent bags on pinterest but they are way out of my budget.)
4. Is not heavy.
5. Can also fit my wallet, phone, keys, kindle/book, and Burt's Bees.

Ta da! I've found it! The Lowepro Exchange messenger bag. It fits all the criteria above, was only £20 on Amazon, AND it fits my knitting as well as everything else. Some of the reviewers were worried about the lack of padding - it's not SUPER-thick padding, but then again I'm going to try to avoid dropping it from a height. It also doesn't have a zip (only buckles) for the main compartment, so I might not want to take it with me to a pickpocket hot-spot. I thought it might be too boxy, from the video on the Lowepro website, but it's fairly skinny considering the size of camera inside. I even managed to tuck it (including camera) into my bike panniers for a ride to Needham Market.


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