Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm not alone in my crafting failures

As far as I am concerned, Kate Davies (of Needled fame) is a knitting goddess. Her designs are interesting, challenging, well-constructed, and aesthetically pleasing. I have made 3 of her patterns (Owls, Owlet, and Mini-Manu), and look forward to making more. She's a super-fast knitter, is excellent at colourwork, and has an amazing eye for detail.

Pardon me. I could seriously gush for days.

Anyhow, she recently posted that she BOTCHED something. Erm, yes, it happens to all of us. Granted, it was sewing rather than knitting, so it doesn't really count.

In the spirit of confessions, here goes.

I was really embarrassed about the final pictures of my Bardot Sweater - it's more noticeable in this picture than in real life, but one sleeve is substantially longer than the other. Or one is shorter. In any event, they're not the same. Oops. It's warm, though, and I like it, even though it definitely adds 10lbs!

But if Kate Davies can have a crafting fail, so can I. So there you go.

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janerowena said...

If that sweater were for sale in Camden Market, it would be a trendsetter and everyone would be wearing it by the end of the week!

You look good in it. How about making a false overhem about halfway up the forearm, and letting the ribbing edge hang below it?