Thursday, January 5, 2012

Miscellaneous media

I did something evil to my back the day before new year's eve (which has now been fixed with a refresh of the Alexander Technique), and consequently spent the entire long weekend reading, sleeping, watching Downton Abbey, and generally being taken care of by the Husband.

Husband had already bought Downton (season 2) on DVD, since we're hopeless at watching tv when The Television tells us to.

I'd heard it was depressing, and was fretting slightly.

Yes, it takes place during World War I, and the following flu epidemic. But no, I didn't find it depressing. And it's easy to find things depressing during January in England. We have yet to watch the Christmas special, so no spoilers please!

If anyone (local) would like to borrow Downton, just email me.

I also now have a rather dog-eared copy of Inheritance. I loved the other three - I think this was my least favorite, but I still enjoyed it. DRAGONS! It was epic, though. One of those books that you can't actually hold up while you're reading - it has to rest on your legs or the bed. Should have Kindled it. The New York Times did a feature on his "Dragon Lair" aka bedroom in last week's magazine - I thought it was really funny.

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