Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food Miscellany

We've been making Melissa Clark's roasted cauliflower with cumin for ages, and have recently started adding dal to it (and in this case, curried spinach). Oh, yum. It's a nearly-vegan dinner (except the butter in the dal). 

I was tired of playing the "hmm, what do I think that was and how long has it been in here" game with the freezer. The answer? Blue painter's tape. Contents, date, portion quantity (if it's more than one). Cheap and effective!

How cool is this special-edition Gordon's gin label? I love the shades of green against the green glass bottle.

And last, we had some friends over for lunch a few weeks ago. Boeuf bourguignon (which was amazing, obv, thanks to Julia), and then this Amsterdam-inspired dutch apple pie. Oh my goodness, was it good.

What have you been cooking?

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