Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Harry Potter

SOOO...I promised my loyal readers (so far, Liz and John and Mom) that I would have more info on Harry Potter. I thought that the movie was good as a movie, but not as a version of the book. Granted, they would have to make the movie 7 hours long to be completely faithful to the book, but there's no reason to take out material to add other new material that's not in the books. Harrumph. Snape was perfectly glorious, Rita Skeeter was SO annoying (but I guess that's the idea), and McGonagall was her usual Scottish self. John didn't like the new Dumbledore (he hadn't seen PoA), but as Richard Harris is dead, we don't have a WHOLE lot of choice in the matter.

Overall, it was a good movie, with some clever lines and good effects, but I'll take the books any day.

And there is my two cents on that. I promise, not too much more HP ranting. :)

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Bob Hughes said...

Well, London is certainly the place to see the latest Harry Potter movie. And, I had forgotten all about the experience with Edward at the Chinese restaurant. You've got a great memory, and you've learned to use chopsticks just fine, even in spite of not having been taught by a pro! Well done!