Thursday, November 24, 2005

Le Tanksgeeving

Today is "le tanksgeeving," as my host mother in Paris calls it. She gave me a "tanksgeeving card" and added a new dimension to the holiday.

No turkey for me today- it was a regular work day. The Brits, understandably, see no reason why they should celebrate the fact that those pesky rebels not only escaped but survived. No pumpkin pie for them.

As the New York representative for Stowmarket, I feel that it is my duty to have a Thanksgiving we're having Freda and Travis over on Saturday evening. James will be here for the weekend, too, so we'll be stretching the dining room/computer table to accommodate 5. We'll manage...maybe John can sit out on the balcony. :)

The butcher looked at me as if I had three heads when I went in 2 weeks ago and ordered a turkey to be picked up tomorrow. All the Brits have their turkey on Christmas, so why this crazy American girl wants a turkey a month early is a mystery to them. Thankfully, my boss at the National Trust is American (although sounds Brit) and her husband works on the airbase, so she has two cans of Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce for me. And some brownie mix, which is not particularly Thanksgivingy but is a direct line to Travis' heart. I'll pick them up at Ickworth tomorrow.

Slightly nervous about coordinating the dinner...I have to do what Mom always does and make a "Critical Path" and stick it on the fridge. Then I can just follow it and everything will come out of the oven at the same time, perfectly cooked. Although our fridge is only half-sized and in a corner and we don't have any magnets. Maybe I can bribe James to stand in the kitchen and hold it for me. :)

Went to Cambridge today for a Press Release writing clinic. It was really interesting and is going to be a huge help at Ickworth. It was run by a non-profit government group that's affiliated with the PA (the Press Association, which is the UK version of the Associated Press). Basically, this group's job is to shoot 30-40 non-profit and charity org press releases onto the PA wire every day. And it's free. And they critique and revamp your press releases. I'm psyched. It's called the Media Trust and if you're really interested, you can go to their website. Oh look at me...I made a link in HTML code...I am truly fabulous. Teehee.'s time to see if I can bang together a curry for John tonight, who has called to say that his train from London is running very slowly and has requested veg for dinner. He's also called to inform me that he's bought me a copy of the latest Glamour (free clutch bag included, oh joy), mostly so he can buy a copy of Model Railroader without feeling guilty. It works out for everyone. And if the train ride gets too long he can dip into the Glamour and read about all the hot fashions he should be wearing. Or not.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! (And I'm v. jealous of all the turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce....)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Loved your blog from the last three days. I'd forgotten about the beans on toast clock. Haven't seen it in ages - SJB & W had one too and it got moldy or something and bit the dust.

If I answer you here, does this get posted to your blog?



Anonymous said...

I remember buying the beans on toast clock from a fellow who lived near Bedford and was a printing salesman; his wife made the beans clocks as a hobby and when I saw it I just HAD to have it, but true be told, had forgotten about it until you mentioned it!

If you thought you missed Turkey at Thanksgiving yesterday, I can assure you that you will NOT miss tomorrow - got the woodsplitter all fired up today and she is ready to go tomorrow to get enough dry wood split and under cover before the real winter arrives. Today seemed raw but the temperature only got down to about 24F over night last night.

Who else is responding to your blogs?



Anonymous said...

So I'm sitting here in Jerusalem on Rena's computer and I get this IM from Emily Hannah that says: I found a blog more addictive than yours. Clearly she's not talking to me, but I responded anyways and found out she was talking about yours!

So now you can count me in as a regular reader.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, from another who celebrated abroad.


Emily Hannah! said...

Evan has now blown my cover, I'm reading, too...

And Sean's reading over my shoulder. So there you go.


StowmarKate said...
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