Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Feeling pretty snargly today...I've had a low-level sore throat and sniffles since last week, which don't seem to be going away. So I went to Boots, where the pharmacist informed me that I had a virus of some kind which should be gone in a few days. And gave me Sudafed and some throat thingys. Much better. Except that the throat thingys taste like licorice. Ugh. But they work.

A funny and uber-Brit excerpt from the packet: "Most people get on very well with Tyrozets..." Like they're your neighbors or something. Teehee. In any event, they've done what they've said they would do and made my throat go numb.

Speaking of throats, I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to choir tonight. I'm supposed to have my audition with the membership coordinator who was mean to me last week. Harumph. He informed me that I needed to prepare a piece of music for my audition, and bring two copies with me. I informed him that when I had been packing to move to the UK from New York, sheet music hadn't made the cut. And that we don't have a piano. Apparently it's £80 (about $140) to join the choir for a year, and you have to buy a uniform. Still haven't decided if I'm doing this yet. Or if I'm going tonight. All I REALLY want to do is have some soup and go to bed early (on our BRAND NEW AWESOME MATTRESS THAT ARRIVED TODAY YAY!!!!)

In other news, John and James will not be making the trip to NYC at Christmas...the airfare is just too darn expensive for the time that they'd spend in the US. Sad times. But they'll be over some time in the spring, as soon as we figure out when James' half-term is and book the tickets early enough.

Phew. I think it's time to start the soup and make a cup of tea. Mmm...tea. I love England. For those of you I didn't tell, I had beans on toast for lunch yesterday. Yes, Mom, like the clock that we had. Yes, everyone else, we had a clock that consisted of a piece of toast (real) with beans (real) on it. The artist had shellacked the whole mess and stuck a clock face on the front and a battery on the back. And there you have it- a beans on toast clock. I haven't seen it in a while...I wonder if it got lost in the many moves...any suggestions, Mom?

Now it's REALLY time for a cup of tea.

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Anonymous said...

You have another reader. Greetings from Texas. Glad to see you're getting settled in.

- Eric