Monday, July 31, 2006

I've been reading I haven't been blogging. I'm still reading Watching the English (and still finding all kinds of things that I'm doing wrong). I read The Handmaid's Tale last week, having heard a lot about it. It was v. surreal (most of her stuff is), but really engaging. Poul Ruders (a Schirmer/Chester/EWH composer) wrote an opera based on the book...I'd like to see it but it's not being performed around here any time soon. I'll email the london office and see if they can get it programmed in Stowmarket. :)

I finished The Red Tent last night, and LOVED it. In case you haven't read it, it's the fictional story of Dinah, Jacob's daughter (from da Bible). It was a v. quick and compelling read...I'd love to read something else by Anita Diamant but all she has so far are books on Judaica. Not that it's not fascinating, but I think I know more about Judaism than the average goy living in Stowmarket married to a lapsed Catholic needs to know.

Ooh...scratch that, I just checked Amazon and she HAS written other novels. Not sure if they're in the stowmarket library system yet, but I'll check.

In other news, the wedding pictures have come in and they're v. good...hooray!!


Lizzie said...

Hey Katie!

Can't wait to see the wedding pics.

So, I've enjoyed reading your blog and have decided to start one of my own. Hopefully I'll be as successful as you have been at keeping in touch with friends far away! The address is Check it out!


KB said...

Hi Kate-

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd add a comment anyway.

I love Anita Diamant, and thoroughly enjoyed "The Red Tent". I just picked up another of her books while I was in the US, called "The Last Days of Dogtown". It is also just as entertaining, and a quick read. Maybe you'd fancy a swap with "Watching the English". If not, I can just send it to you when I'm done if you'd like....I've just joined the local library, so it will curtail my bookbuying habit for a little while. At least I hope so.