Sunday, October 8, 2006

It's TV Time!

Well, we've done it. Finally. My parents bought us a TV for my birthay (yay them!), which we have now brought home, set up, discovered there was nothing on, and switched off. :) It's Sunday night, so the lack of stuff to watch is understandable. I'm sure we'll find something this week.

But seriously, I'm really excited to be able to watch Wimbledon and the World Cup and the Olympics and Blue Peter and the cooking shows and other such nonsense.

Speaking of nonsense, John and I saw "The Devil Wears Prada" yesterday- we thought it was pretty entertaining and that Meryl Streep completely stole the show. We were both kind of freaked out by our recognition of former bosses in times.

In between the movie watching, I finally got my copy of Marley And Me from the library and read it all. In 2 sittings. It was definitely not a train book (unless you want people to think you're mad) - it was SO funny. I was laughing really hard and kept reading bits out to John, who didn't find them anywhere near as entertaining...he's more of a cat person. I highly recommend it.

On our way back from Norwich, we stopped at a farm stand/garden centre that's about 10 minutes away from Freda & Travis'. We've driven past it a zillion times and never stopped, but I thought today might be a good day to check it out. It turns out that they have all kinds of local fruit and veg (yay for low food miles). I had one of the apples for dessert and it was very yummy. We're goint to need lots of grass seed and plants and things once we move in to the house, which we've now OFFICIALLY bought, by the way, and we'll definitely be stopping by there again.


Anonymous said...

Shame you didn't notice an excellent film on BBC2 last night called 'My Summer of Love' a sapphic independent film about two teenagers friendship & young love. It had good reviews a few years back when it came out but never got around to seeing at cinema. Very well done. Worth hiring out.

C said...

"It's Sunday night, so the lack of stuff to watch is understandable."

Blasphemy! I've spent the last three Sunday nights downloading the BBC's brilliant new Jane Eyre miniseries since it's not airing for ages in America, and now you lucky British resident claim there's nothing good on... :P