Monday, October 23, 2006

Mr Pond's House

Got an email from Lizzie today - she's working with Habitat For Humanity to help Mr. Pond, a wonderful old gentleman who was the grandfather to several generations of children in Larchmont Woods. I, being from the wrong side of the tracks, didn't know about him until I met Lizzie in high school, but his house is truly fantastic. He decorates it to the nines for everything- from Halloween and Christmas on down to Flag Day and Arbor Day. His house was seriously damaged in a fire, and now Habitat (and Lizzie) are helping to rebuild.

Here's the link to Lizzie's blog - her sister Allie was quoted in the New York Times (!) in the article that she links to.

Go forth and help out!!

BTW, regularly scheduled KateUpdates will return shortly...things are feeling a little stagnant at the moment and I keep feeling like there's not all that much to blog about. Famous last words, probably...

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mark said...

There's that chinese curse "May you live in interesting times".Don't knock the boredom, I wouldn't.