Monday, October 9, 2006

Phone Calls

Check out David Pogue's Blog today. It's about a new service called Futurephone and you can call internationally by calling through a number in Iowa. Perfect for those times when you're not near the computer and want to call.

I'll DEFINITELY be testing it out the next time I'm in NY.

And, as a special treat, I've included a poem written by my friend Michelle, who is a receptionist. Having started my career as a receptionist, I'm ALWAYS nice to them - it's a shit job. The poem is great, though.

Ode to Telephony, by Michelle

To be a receptionist is oh so swell,
Like a pavlov dog respond to the bell,
Sacharine Smiles, Company Day Greetings,
Ad hoc duties, Organiser of Meetings.
"Hello! Certainly! May I take your name?"
Buddha like patience, Each day is the same.
My artist soul and mind are elsewhere
While my tuchus of concrete sits in the chair,
Dreaming of ways that I might work from my home,
So I don't have to speak one more word down a phone.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aaah, thanks Kate for the compliment about my little ditty.

Future phone sounds interesting.

I reckon communication for the future will be a form of 'telepathy'. Way out in the realms of sci fi? Me thinks not. Time will tell.

Hope you have a good week. M x