Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

Well, it's my first Boxing Day in a few years...I think the last one I spend in the UK was with the family in 1993. We were at Freda & Travis' yesterday for Christmas Day, after we had Christmas with James here in the morning.

It was really strange - I felt like I was on the 'wrong' side of the morning stocking opening. When Edward and I were little, we were allowed to open our stockings as early as we wanted, and then we had to wait until a predetermined time to go upstairs and wake up Mom and Dad to show them what Santa had brought. Then they'd come downstairs with us and we'd all open presents together.

So yesterday morning John and I were sleeping and James bounced in with our stockings to wake us up. I definitely felt like I should have been bouncing somewhere with my stocking...

We set up the LGB trains (with John's additional christmas track from Mom & Dad) in F&T's living room. I'm not sure if 'set up' is the right word...it was more of a 'takeover'. The boys played with the trains for HOURS...all of the teddies had rides and John and Travis were tinkering with everything and shunting cars around. Then when we got home this afternoon, John set up his new digital Hornby trains...they are REALLY cool but they're going to have to wait for our new house before they get much use...they really need to be nailed to a baseboard and set up more permanently.

Speaking of our new house, we drove by today to wish it Merry Christmas...it looked very cosy and like it's coming along. Our initial walk-through is in January, which is suddenly creeping up on us...

I was going to add some photos to this post - blogger's having issues so you can check them all out on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

By the way, I just looked at your flickr photos and the goose photos were a bit much for a former veg!! You may send me back there.
I was wondering--when I read your blog initially--was the goose killed, plucked, etc. when you picked it up? How much work did you actually have to do?

StowmarKate said...

Haha...the goose was completely trimmed when we got it - no feathers or feet or anything. And it was definitely dead. Freda cooked the giblets and things the day before, so they didn't make it in to the photo shoot. :)