Saturday, December 9, 2006


I've now officially had my Christmas carol fix...the Bury Bach Choir and I have been rehearsing madly for the concert that we had tonight in the Lavenham church. The church was beautiful (and cold!), and the concert went really well. There were no unscheduled solos, and the readings were somewhat unusual but all very engaging. One of them featured hypothetical thank you notes from the recipient of the gifts featured in The Twelve Days Of Christmas. It got a big laugh from the audience. We had a surprising number of people, as well. The church was packed!

In the break between rehearsal and the concert, I went to the pub across the road with one of the tenors - we were both on our own and so we had a quick din. It turns out that his girlfriend is a horn player and is looking for people to play with. Woohoo! My horn's still in New Ro but it'll come back over with me in April.

We have a few weeks off from choir, which should be nice. I can use the time to get cracking on our Christmas cards and other such things. We put up our tree yesterday - I'll try and post a picture tomorrow.

It was making me a little sad - my parents usually go for a Nutcracker-type tree, and ours is a little fake one that doesn't smell like anything and sits on a table. Oh's better than nothing. We'll have our own ceiling-scraping tree someday. :)

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear the concert went well, nothing more Christmas-y than real English Carols in a cold stone church on a clear dark night with all those stars...

Remember "little" Edward singing Once in Royal David's City with a perfect Brit accent at the Kirkstone House concert? Mom, Rrufus,and I drove to Jone's Farm yesterday. It was a weekday, so "the hill" was closed until noon, but we found a beautiful Blue Spruce that will fill the bill nicely. It's in a pail of water, now frozen solid, by the back porch. The birds are loving the new feeder, and going crazy in the newly heated backyard birdbath! The wreath is on the storm enclosure and the spotlight looks great! Love to you and John,