Thursday, December 28, 2006

Night At The Museum

James, John and I went to see Night At The Museum today - James saw it yesterday and was raving about it and John and I both wanted to see it, so we went. It's really clever and very funny, and it had a lot of 'New York Movie' moments, which made me love it even more. It was one of those movies where the kids and the adults are laughing in completely different spots... Oh, and it has Dick Van Dyke AND Robin Williams in it - what more could anyone want?

We took John out to dinner last night for his birthday (happy birthday John and Dad!!). We went to Pizza Express in Ipswich - it's a chain with really yummy pizza. Last night they were having kind of an off night, but we still had fun with our party hats and miscellaneous birthday candles...

I realized that I'd been completely neglecting the library - Freda had loaned me a few books and Andrea gave me some for my birthday, which I'd been working my way through. Jodi Picoult's stuff is fairly engrossing, but Andrea's right - you can really only read one before you need to switch to something else. I was interspersing them with Alexander McCall Smith books...they're light and fluffy but very entertaining. I've reserved a few more books from the library...any recommendations would be gladly accepted!!


Anonymous said...

Papillion by Henri Charriere is one of my all time faves if you haven't already read it.
Running With Scissors by A Burroughs is a easy to read but shocking memoirs of boy surrounded by insane people.
Starter for Ten by David Nicholls, witty british boys experience at university and time on TV's University Challenge.
Will email you if think of other recommendations. M x

Lizzie said...

Highly recommend anything by Nelson DeMille. I buy his books as soon as they're released- have read 8 or 10 now. Good if you like Dan Brown-esque fare- fast paced and occationally racy, with themes usually involving war, terrorism, and sex. Suggest starting with Cathedral or Plum Island. He also wrote The General's Daughter in case you've seen the movie.
Mom and Dad gave me The March last Christmas, and I loved it. It's E. L. Doctrow's latest (he's done a few since Ragtime) and takes place during the Civil War in Georgia and the Carolinas. Similar to Ragtime in that the lives of people from various racial and social groups intertwine, 6-degrees style. Great history; enjoyable, moving read.

Merry Ho!