Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Mac is Back

My mac came back today - they mailed it to me in a HUGE box with lots of padding (yay!) After much gnashing of teeth (by John), it is now connected to the internet, although it doesn't THINK that it's connected. Despite the fact that I'm merrily tippy-tapping away on Blogger. Hmmmm.

The BBC concert went pretty well on Saturday night - there were a few rocky patches but otherwise it was pretty good. This particular choir is much better at loud, exciting stuff than they are with the more subtle stuff.

Oh, and we were in town on Saturday morning, getting haircuts, and we stopped in to the flooring place to say hi to the owner and rave about our carpets. Teehee. Somehow we started talking about things going on in the town, and apparently the evil part of the bike ride in to town is soon to be no more- they're building a new bridge over the railway tracks. There's a random road to nowhere in our development (right near where we almost bought a different house, but not too close to where we are now, and it's apparently the first part of the bridge. And the plans have FINALLY all gone through so they're starting on it soon! Not that it's going to open any time soon, but it's coming!

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