Thursday, June 7, 2007

We live in the country!

Firstly, the Bury Bach Choir is performing in St Edmundsbury Cathedral tomorrow night - we're singing Rossini's Messe Solenelle and it's going to be great. There are still tickets available - the details are here.

There's been a bit of delay in importing pictures - my mac is still at the mac-spital (they've ordered the airport card and I should have it back soon...)

When C was here last weekend, we made strawberry rhubarb crumble. We kind of invented a recipe - we put the rhubarb, strawbs, some sugar and lime juice, and a few tablespoons of water and covered it with some crumble mix that I bought (lazy StowmarKate). This is what the fruit looked like:

And here it is all bubbly and glorious:

Silly roomies!

Then this past weekend, we took James to the sheep-shearing day at Baylham House Farm, and had a great time. All the animals had great personality and were quite happy to be fed and talked to. Here are a few sheep:

And here's a very intrepid piglet:

A lazy goat...

And my ploughmans' lunch (homemade everything, including the cheese - yum!

We're having some furniture delivered this weekend, which includes 2 wardrobes. I'm hopeful that one of them will lead to Narnia...I'll keep you updated.

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C said...

Mmmm, yummy! That was such good crumble. Apparently crumble mix doesn't exist in America... or at least my local grocery store. My sister made a crumble the other night (inspired by us, ahem) and it was not nearly so good, if I do say so myself... expect the rhubarb, which was not at all furry-making :)