Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weather, Wheels and Steam

We went off to the Wings Wheels and Steam festival at Rougham Airfield today - it veered back and forth between sunny and hot and pouring with rain. During the first sunny interlude, John took this picture:

In the second one, he took this (it's not every day you get to ride in a tank...notice James in the gunner spot):

We came home and then I went out to run some errands - I stopped at our favourite butcher's in Needham Market and got six GLORIOUS sausages and then went to the farm shop (again) for some strawbs and some blackberry-raspberry hybrids that I've forgotten the name of. I also went to the hardware store. You know the one - it's FULL of stuff and the only way to find something is to ask the storekeeper, who immediately nods and leads you into a dark corner to find the hybrid-double-ended-miniature-extendible whatever that you were there after. How these places have all the stuff they have AND ever manage to find any of it is beyond me. I got a washing line for the backyard, some eye-screws and green wire for the honeysuckle, a paper towel roll holder (to go under the cabinets), and a 1-amp fuse. Lucky me. I also got some screws for a broken Ikea nightstand - somehow all the screws from one side got lost in the move (how, I don't know - we didn't disassemble it...) and now it's all held together happily again.

Because I bought, assembled, and hung the washing line, and then did a load of laundry, we had this:

Hail. The size of marbles. Then it turned to rain and thunder...our backyard looked like a swimming pool. As it's clay-y soil (which we discovered when we tried to dig in it), it's all been absorbed and is fine again. Lovely.

Oh, and having read all the reviews for Ratatouille and getting all excited about it, its UK release is not until October 5th. OCTOBER. 5th. Where are we, the MOON? At least I have Harry Potter (a movie AND the Deathly Hallows) to tide me over part of the way until then.

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Mark said...

Tayberries? i think I went to that same place about twelve years ago.