Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, the weather held and we had lots of family over on Sunday. John's parents, his brother's wife and daughter, his brother's wife's sister and her family. As my parents would say, the in-laws and the out-laws.

Anyway, we parked the kids outside on the picnic blanket while we had a v. civilized lunch at the kitchen table. And then all went to the playground, where we pushed the kids (boys 9 & 10, girls 11 & 12 - the miracles of cousins!) on the swings. I'm SO sore today - there's a huge seesaw/swing thing that provoked cries of FASTER! HIGHER!!. And now my arms and legs (?!) are sore. But the kids had a rip-roaring time. As did the grownups, I have to say.

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kat said...

oh sounds like a fun time! I wish our cousins lived closer so they could all play together :)

I like what your father calls the in-laws and the out laws :) cute.