Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to Reality

My Mom left on Wednesday morning to go back to NY, and things returned to normal around here. I think it's partly because hubby has been working crazy hours this week, but the house feels completely empty and really lonely. Every time I look at something, I think, "Oh, Mom and I [fill in the blank]..that was great!" I watered our plants out in the back yard and had another pang of missing her. It's weird - I'm HOME but I'm definitely more homesick than I've been in ages (and more homesick than I've been after going back to NY). I think it's because we spent the 5 days just hanging out and having a blast, which we never get to do when I'm in NY - I'm always running from place to place.

I'll take some pictures of the garden this weekend - I really want to have some good before-and-after shots for when the plants get a bit bigger.

Oh, and this article about blogging and oversharing in the New York Times was fascinating. I've always been an oversharer, and I guess this is just another place to do it. I don't have hundreds of readers, though...


Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

sounds like you had the best visit with your mum :) I would be homesick too.

I'll have to check out that article. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

kate sorry to read about you feeling home sick, understandable.
sounds like you had such a lovely time with your mum.

hope you are feeling lots better now/since you posted.

wishing you a lovely sunny bank hol weekend, speak soon M x