Monday, May 26, 2008

Rainy Weekend

The hubby has been working in London all weekend - blech. James and I had a fun Saturday - the weather was glorious and we went to the Little Orchard Railway, which John had found on the web. So cute. It's a random model railway built in the guy's back yard. Train geeks are lunatics, truly.

I'd missed bell ringing on Friday night - the logistics of picking up the boys from their various places and feeding them etc was too much for me. I took James with me on Sunday morning, and figured that he'd be fine to sit and play his Nintendo DS while I rang. Every time I looked over at him, he was watching the ringing and ignoring his DS. Here he is, chiming the bell at the end. He said that he really liked it and he wants to learn to ring. He's a little small to start on the Stowmarket bells, but he'll be fine in a year or two. Another one, hooked!

Since the weather yesterday and today has been so completely appalling, we went to see the new Indiana Jones yesterday. It was insanely campy but very entertaining. It was the perfect rainy-afternoon popcorn movie. As I was on my own on Saturday night, James and I went to Blockbuster in the afternoon. I rented Enchanted, which several people had recommended but I hadn't gotten around to watching. I loved it - it was a really clever combo of Disney send-up/Disney love letter/New York love letter movie. Fab.

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Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

how fun! You are a good step-mum!
We rented Enchanted last weekend and all of us, (kids, grownups) loved it. It really was sweet. Wasn't Amy Adams fantastic?