Monday, May 5, 2008

Loooong weekend

We've had a long weekend and it's been super-relaxing. It's been warm and sunny, and we even fired up the grill!

Saturday, we went to Bury in the morning and picked up some foam seat cushion forms for our new garden chairs (thanks Mom & Dad!). The woman at the market stall was funny - she'd obviously seen what she thought was 'my type' before.

"Now, luv, if you run in to any trouble or need any help, just bring the foam and your fabric back next weekend and we'll make up the cushions for you."

Not THIS crafter. I spread out the fabric, used the foam inserts (that had already been cut to size) as my patterns, and off I went. AND I put zippers in. Granted, the zippers aren't going to win any prizes, but I think the cushions look really good. They also make our pre-existing hand-me-down garden chairs look like they're part of the v. posh new set.

Here they are, in action, this afternoon (with the two spare cushions on the table). I'm going to make a tablecloth and some napkins with the rest of the fabric, and perhaps a shirt for John if there's any leftover. :)

Sunday we went to Rougham Airfield for the Large Model Aircraft show. They were incredible - they are remote-control aircraft that seem to be oblivious to the laws of physics.

This wasn't a crash landing - it had skidded to a halt and then just...tipped...over.

We stopped on the way back at a nursery near Thurston, where we bought some plants for our hanging basket. Here they are, in situ.
Today was v.chill - I put together the rest of the paperwork for my next visa application and then sat in the garden and read my book. Civilized.

And one more's our zucchini, in flower:


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that I have to sit in the garden now?

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

nice job on those cushions! I just made some for my backyard chairs..but I used velcro and not a real zipper :)

Looks like spring has bloomed for you. Nice photo!